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Edmond, Moore, and SW OKC


At Implants Express our focus is dental implants. Dental implants are what we do. Quality is what we believe in. We refuse to compromise on quality. So, how can we offer quality and affordability at the same time? It is because we do a lot of dental implants. We do a lot more than most dentists. This let's us:

1.) Have more experience, which let's us be more efficient at doing dental implants.
2.) Buy dental implants and dental implant related material in bulk at much lower prices than offices that only occasionally do dental implants.
3.) Make up in volume what we reduce in price.

It's that simple. By coming to a place that focuses on dental implants, you get dentists who can do them well and do them affordably.

Come see us soon. We will help you smile again.


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