<![CDATA[Dental Implants Oklahoma City | Implants Express - Blog]]>Fri, 24 Nov 2017 15:36:55 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[How can we offer quality and affordability at the same time?]]>Fri, 27 Apr 2012 04:58:04 GMThttp://implantsexpress.com/blog/how-can-we-offer-quality-and-affordability-at-the-same-timeAt Implants Express our focus is dental implants. Dental implants are what we do. Quality is what we believe in. We refuse to compromise on quality. So, how can we offer quality and affordability at the same time? It is because we do a lot of dental implants. We do a lot more than most dentists. This let's us:

1.) Have more experience, which let's us be more efficient at doing dental implants.
2.) Buy dental implants and dental implant related material in bulk at much lower prices than offices that only occasionally do dental implants.
3.) Make up in volume what we reduce in price.

It's that simple. By coming to a place that focuses on dental implants, you get dentists who can do them well and do them affordably.

Come see us soon. We will help you smile again. ]]>
<![CDATA[How is Implants Express so affordable?]]>Sat, 17 Mar 2012 04:40:24 GMThttp://implantsexpress.com/blog/how-is-implants-express-so-affordableMost practitioners charge a lot for dental implants. Why? What makes them so expensive. Do they have to be so expensive? At Implants Express we believe the answer is no they do not have to be so expensive.

When you go to a steakhouse why is the USDA Prime Filet Mingon $50 but a USDA Choice Ribeye is $20. Sure the cut of meat costs an extra $10 or so, but the increase in price is $30. That is a 200% markup. That seems very high. Certainly it is more than a reasonable markup. The reason the Prime Filet is so expensive is what I like to call "perceived value." It is perceived to be the very best steak there is. So the restaurant believes it should command a much higher price.

Most dentists believe that implants are their dental equivalent of the Prime Filet. Dental Implants are the highest level of service in tooth replacement. They are better than bridges, dentures, or partials. Therefore most dentists believe they should charge a very high price for dental implants regardless of how much it actually costs them to provide the service.

At Implants Express we believe that we should charge fair fees for dental implants. We base our fees on our costs plus a reasonable profit just like it should be. Recent innovations in dental implant technology have increased the success of dental implant procedures and decreased cost to perform the procedures. This has allowed us to offer quality dental implant treatment at reasonable fees.

Don't be fooled by other offices offering affordable dental implants that try to bait and switch you. Many offices offer mini dental implants at a low fee. These "minis" are inferior in strength, quality, and long-term success. Many offices also offer low fees for implant placement but then charge very high fees for abutments, bone grafts, and crowns. We offer quality, full-size implants and straightforward all-inclusive pricing. There are no hidden fees.

This means you can have the very best care available to replace your missing teeth at a price you can afford. We are certain that our prices are the best for dental implants. In fact we guarantee it. ]]>